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Sample project

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Mutual Fund Project

Project Report Format on Mutual Funds

For equity firm to prepare a comprehensive project report requires the consideration of the following guidelines:

  • Title of the report
  • About the Company – A brief description about the history of the company, its past growth and future initiatives
  • Mutual Funds
  • Concept
  • Operation Flowchart – describe relation between investors, fund managers, securities and returns
  • Organization – describe its unit holders, sponsors, trustees, transfer agents, custodians and market regulator (SEBI)
  • Advantages – Diversification, range of services, tax benefits, professional administration, cost feasibility and guidelines
  • Types of Mutual Fund Schemes
  • By composition such as open ended, close ended and interval plans
  • By endowment aims such as expansion, revenue, balance and money market schemes
  • By tax benefits
  • Exclusive schemes such as industry specific and index schemes
  • Schemes offered by the firm
  • A detailed history of mutual funds
  • Risk return chain of command – starting from liquid funds to debt funds to gilt funds to balanced funds to index funds to equity funds to industrial funds; in the sequence of their risk return ratio
  • Progress in the brand value of the firm – describe the sales promotional and distribution techniques and its market reach
  • Sales Promotion
  • Endorsement
  • Publicity
  • Personal promotion
  • Distribution network
  • Banks
  • Agency tie-up
  • Internet and other mass medium
  • Direct sales
  • Intermediaries
  • IFA
  • Corporate houses
  • References
  • Conclusions
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Stock Market Project

Indian Shares listed in National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange is closely monitored by the prospective investors and business analysts after the end of every trading session for the assessment of best performing stocks.

Project report on Stock Market contains the technical assessment method that is completely statistical and entails no personal views or prejudiced data of any kind. Indian Stock Market project Report is released after the end of every trading session and for a comprehensive performance analysis the firms release yearly or bi-annual project reports.

From easy to understand and assess stock market project reports the users can keep a check on how well a stock has performed over a certain period of time and can compare it with the index of another competitive stock. The performance ranking in the reports allows the users to monitor the top performing NSE and BSE shares at a quick look.

Stock Market Project report – Format

  • Introductory page
  • History of Indian stock market
  • Transitional phase of the stock market
  • Current scenario of the Indian stock market
  • Number of Stocks listed in the exchange
  • Stocks profile
  • Buying and selling of stocks
  • Brief Description about different exchange rates in India
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • National Stock Exchange
  • List and details about Blue Chip firms in India
  • List of stock market indicators
  • List of sector indicators
    • Industries in Banking sector
    • Industries in Cement sector
    • Industries in Infrastructure sector
    • Industries in Real Estate sector
    • Industries in Capital Goods Sector
    • Industries in Power Sector
    • Industries in IT sector
    • Industries in Telecom Sector
    • Industries in Automobile sector
    • Industries in Metal sector
  • Details about factors influencing Indian stock market
  • Market trends – bullish and bearish
  • Inflation – current rate
  • International market
  • Administrative Guidelines
  • Fiscal Reports of the firms – profit and loss statement and expansion over the years
  • Features influencing share values – schemes, administration and plans
  • Reasons for investing in Indian Share market
  • An account of GDP expansion rate
  • Order book of the firm
  • Yearly expansion of the stock market
  • FDI in India
  • Growth of global players
  • Strong guidelines
  • Means of investing in Indian share market
  • Through Direct investment
  • Through demat bank account
  • Through intermediaries
  • Through mutual funds
  • Source of data
  • References
  • Conclusions

Stock Market Project report – Features

A stock market project report has many advantages for the different categories of users. Some of the important features of Stock Market Project report are:

  • The project report contains the list of Indian shares and their technical assessment which helps the users in detecting the market trend patterns and other conditions.
  • The project report contains a number of filter elements ranging as per the market trends that helps the users to analyze the registered stocks
  • The project report contains a number of Indian shares, their prices and Volume Breakouts
  • The project report contains stocks that have an unanticipated rise in the business volume and a rapid rate escalation in terms of cost.
  • The project report contains shares which have registered a statistically vital discrepancy, generating unusual purchasing curiosity of the buyers.
  • The project report contains shares percentage price expansion over the past ten trading days.
  • The project report contains short and medium term market trend assessment, evaluation and rate of transformation.
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Finance Project

Project report on Finance helps a firm or a student to access the various risk and return patterns, optimal capital structure, corporate administration assessment, financial markets, stock holder analysis, etc. It deals with all the features of an enterprise and their operational outcomes in context of mobilizing and utilization of fiscal resources.

A finance project report can be prepared on various topics namely Inventory Management, Comparative & Common size financial statements Analysis, Leverages, Budgeting & Budgetary Control, Financial and overall performance Analysis, Cash flow statements, Ratio analysis, Funds flow statements, Cost of Capital, Marginal costing, Working capital management, Stock & Bond pricing, Capital structure, Portfolio Management, Capital Budgeting, Risk analysis, etc

Standard Format

  • Research Introduction
  • Research Objectives
  • Generating leads for the firm
  • Development Sales Map or Promotional Team
  • Process
  • Implementation
  • Risks
  • Conclusion


  • Rest of the World (ROW) Details
  • Process
  • Implementation
  • Risks
  • Conclusion


  • Business Acquisition Strategies
  • Costing and Financial Plan
  • Team Job Requirement
  • UP function summary
  • Field Sales Individual summary
  • Inside Sales Individual summary
  • Technical Pre-requisites
  • Training Pre-requisites
  • Key to Success
  • Total Risks
  • Conclusion
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Marketing Project

Preparing an effective project report on marketing should be preferably done by following the below mentioned sequential format:

  • Profile of the firm on which the study is being conducted
  • Introduction to the research work
  • Objectives of the research work (both Primary and Secondary)
  • Scope of the research work
  • Limitations of the research work
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Design
  • Sample Size
  • Sampling Method
  • Primary Data
  • Secondary Data
  • Methods of data collation
  • Methods of data analysis
  • Fact sheets in graphical, pie chart or diagram firm to present the number of users using a particular brand and its detailed interpretation
  • Fact sheets in graphical, pie chart or diagram firm to present the factors influencing the purchasing inclination of the clients and its detailed interpretation
  • Fact sheets in graphical, pie chart or diagram firm to present the satisfaction level of the clients and its detailed interpretation
  • References
  • Conclusion